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A New Source of Entertainment Called Web Series

In the late 1990, internet released a series of scripted and non-scripted videos, which were generally episodic in form and part of the web television media, called web series. After a decade, this mode has become more popular in the entertainment world. A web series can be viewed on different range of platforms, with a single instance of a web series program called episode or webisode. Desktop, laptop, tablets, smart phones and television are the various kinds of platforms where you can view web series.

The popularity of this streamlining videos have gained recognition in several awards like the Emmy Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and in other web series festivals awards.

So if one is tired of watching movies with the same plot and predictable ending, you can go to the internet and watch short stories by logging into a website that feeds such clips. The internet and the newly adapted medium called web television would release these series of episodes. Every after the previous air time, each instance of these series called episode can be seen.

Nowadays, people are more likely to engage with video streaming especially if the series are very interesting. Web videos are viewed by around 80% of internet users according to some estimated data. In the coming two years and even less, it is expected that the percentage of web viewers will increase to up to more than 90%. Audiences are sharing web videos among their families, friends and colleagues because of its captivating shows.
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The improvement of the technology in broadband and capacity of high video streaming have led the rise of popularity of these internet series. Independent producers and series makers are thus inspired to create a low budgeted internet distributed series because of this popularity in the viewing world. Internet shows are also developed by many television producers and broadcasting companies using the internet.
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The improvements of video streaming in the internet and its rising popularity has led to an affordable creation and production and for worldwide audience to access.

Web series are very significant if it has a cause oriented plot that are beneficial to the viewers and also entertaining. One has to bear in mind that there is an interactive engagement between audience and the producers that serves as a communication between them.

Adults view some scenes and use them also in their personal lives and businesses, aside from the children viewers. Children and adults can find different types of web series that are applicable to them, and only a matter of choosing what is fit and applicable to the respective audience.

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